Take your event to the future with HD projections

You can now turn your event venue into anything you want by using high definition projectors strategically and creatively. Unlimited Events offers state of the art audio visual staging solutions by using HD projectors.

It can be difficult to make an empty space seem inviting or even exciting, but by using HD projectors UEE can create sceneries of any kind. The projectors can be used to make your under-the-sea theme party look like you’re actually under the sea. Want to have a space themed party? No problem, by installing projectors to cover every wall of the venue, this can be created by projecting animated images of space!

Why do Big Brands have Event Strategies?

Over the last decade, phones have become the new gateway into the heart and mind of the consumer. Although reaching consumers through their always-in-hand devices is very convenient, everyone is flooded with information and messages, making it difficult for them to decipher which brands to trust and which brands to ignore.

Plan Your Next Conference with UEE

AV equipment

For conference organisers, you need to provide a positive experience for both the speakers and the audience at any conference.

If you would like aid in setting up a successful conference, we are more than happy to assist you with all your event hire and entertainment needs. You can rest assured that everyone involved in your event will benefit from your partnership with Unlimited Events Entertainment.


Here’s How You Party Your Way into Your 30s!

party decor

Since we are knee-high the word *party* has given us butterflies in our tummies! No matter how old we get, we will never stop enjoying birthday parties – in fact, we probably learn how to enjoy them even more with age.


How to Choose the Perfect Entertainment for Your Event

Entertainment CompanyYou may think this is as easy as booking the DJ as a package deal with your venue, boom, done. Yes, there is no denying, that may be an option. However, choosing great entertainment for your event requires a little more effort. It should be given extensive thought because the entertainment must suit the event, audience and the person or people the event is being held for.


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